Meet The Team

We’d like to say something poignant or emotional, along the lines of – ‘we have as much fun producing the beers as you have drinking them’ – but that might possibly cause offence to some of our drinkers and certainly the lads and lasses at the brewery.

Crack of dawn starts – shift brews – cask washing – mash tun cleaning – deliveries in the driving rain. All good fun, but not quite the same as savouring a pint of the latest IPA in the Old No 7.That doesn’t mean to say that we don’t enjoy ourselves doing what we do down here in the depths of South Yorkshire, after all laughter is an essential ingredient in brewing great beers. We’ve a terrific bunch of hard working people all proud to be producing Acorn’s finest.

Say hello to the team!

  • Andy Ingham


    Favourite Acorn beer: Yorkshire Pride

    Favourite non-Acorn beer: My Own

    Top Tune: St Elmo's Eire - John Parr

  • Christy Hughes

    Director of Business Development

    Favourite Acorn beer: Blonde

    Favourite non-Acorn beer: Timmermans Strawberry

    Top Tune: Mr Brightside - The Killers

  • Dave Hughes

    Brewer/Managing Director

    Favourite Acorn beer: Barnsley Bitter

    Favourite non-Acorn beer: Hawkshead Bitter

    Top Tune: Down in the Tube Station - The Jam

  • Ian Darvill

    Assistant Brewer

    Favourite Acorn beer: Gorlovka

    Favourite non-Acorn beer: schneider-weisse TAP5 Meine Hopfenweisse

    Top Tune: Wichita Lineman - Glen Campbell

  • Phil Taylor

    Account Manager

    Favourite Acorn beer: Gorlovka

    Favourite non-Acorn beer: Verdant Howl

    Top Tune: Let Down -Radiohead

  • Steve Bunting


    Favourite Acorn beer: Barnsley Gold

    Favourite non-Acorn beer: Bass

    Top Tune: Green & Grey – New Model Army