Wow, 2020 is Nearly here! 

It’s that time of year again where the team down at Acorn Brewery have been finalising the plans for 2020. We have now created a calendar that we hope it will have you feeling as excited as we are for 2020.

We took a look at our current range of casks ales and decided to inject the calendar with a vast number of new ales, so throughout the year of 2020 Acorn Brewery will be introducing at least 10 new ales.

We will be focusing, again, on keeping the community involved with the brewery and continuing with our Decades Range, during 2020 the theme will be albums. If you are not aware, we invite people via social media to name a beer in honour of their favourite album from a certain decade. The winner gets their name on the pump clip, a 3-bottle presentation pack as well as being a special guest at our beer club for that month. We will have 6 new decade beers next year; they will all be a pale ale coming in between 4.0% – 4.2% abv.

With 2020 being a sporty year we will be cheering Southgate and the team along with England’s Dreaming; a 4.5% golden ale. Not forgetting all the amazing athletes that will be taking part in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, with Hoptathlon, also a 4.5%  

Let’s raise a glass to all the parents, grandparent and childminders that have looked after the kids all summer, with a pint of Back to school, I know I’ll be ready for that one when it comes around.

Finally, we are going to be introducing a Chocco Porter, which will be a Victorian-style porter infused with Dark Chocolate

I have taken the opportunity to enclose a copy of a 2020 calendar for your perusal.

Please take a look, if you have any questions at all let us know in the office. We are starting to take pre-order as of now.

Please also let me know if there is anything additional, we can do for you, we are flexible and would love to help with any special ales


2020 Calendar


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