Acorn Brewery Visit 2017 GBBF

Last week, on Tuesday 8th August, Acorn Brewery’s Managing Director Dave Hughes, Director of Business Development Christy Winfield, Head Brewer Steve Bunting and Company Accountant Michael Thorpe hopped on a train down to London to attend the GBBF, held at Olympia. The competition is held yearly, and this year marks the 40th anniversary of the event, as well as the 11th time Acorn Brewery’s most well-known beer, Barnsley Bitter, has made it to the final.

The event is an excellent opportunity for brewers and drinkers to come together to enjoy beer, as it is open to people within the beer industry and members of the public who are passionate about beer. It goes without saying that there’s a huge variety of beers on offer, as well as fantastic London street food and live bands over the course of 4 days – what more could you want?!

Speaking of her first time attending GBBF, Christy described it as an “exciting experience with so many choices of beer, filled with amazing opportunities, such as meeting new people.”

“I am so proud of how far I’ve seen the business develop since starting here 6 months ago,” says Christy, “and I am definitely looking forward to the next beer competition we are involved in!”

Dave, who has attended GBBF much more over the previous years, says that the festival has been “yet another great celebration of Britain’s favourite drink.”

Barnsley Bitter didn’t win the competition, however, the prize went to a brilliant beer, Goat’s Milk, by a well-deserved Warwickshire brewery, Church End. Despite returning to Barnsley having won nothing, the team had an exceptional day at GBBF, and would like to congratulate Church End Brewery on their success.