Acorn Beer Club Update 17/12/2018

I want to start the news update with a big thank you for your ongoing support at the Acorn Beer Club. We have been blown away with the reception the Club has received. I’m sorry that I wasn’t there in the 14th December to welcome you and enjoy a beautiful pint or two. However, I was checking in regularly with the family and heard that it was rather cold on the night, which has led me to update everyone.

The last thing that we want is for anyone to have an uncomfortable experience when attending the Beer Club, your comfort and enjoyment is paramount. This prompted us to review a couple of areas with the Beer Club, to ensure that this is not an experience any of our members receive again.

Firstly, what we would like to do is offer everyone that attended on the 14th December a ticket to another Beer Club, of your choice, on us. All that I would politely ask is that you follow the steps below to book your place.

  • Contact Acorn Brewery direct, do not log in to Eventbrite, advise you would like to attend the Beer Club. You can contact via phone call, email, or the website quoting your full name(s) Using subject headed ‘Beer Club Ticket’
  • Sit back, relax and let Acorn sort the rest

Secondly, we have taken the decision that the Beer Club in January and February will be postponed with the Beer Club being open for business again on March 29th 2019. I have to say this left Dave and I a little sad that we wouldn’t get to see you all again until March so we would like to send out an open invitation to all our members to join us for a Drink in the old No 7, Barnsley on the 25th January and the 22nd February. It will not be ticketed, just a night out for members to still catch up and enjoy a pint of Acorn.

We understand that transport can be an issue for people, therefore, If we interest I would look to arrange transport (Cost to be confirmed) from the Brewery to Town and back. Further details for this will be issued.

Please accept our sincere apologies if you were affected by the cold chill on Friday the 14th December and we hope that this has not impacted your membership going forward. If you would like to discuss any further details please give me a call directly, I will be more than happy to help with any questions you may have.

Lastly, Dave and I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic 2019.


Phone: 01226 270734